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Be the master or your own destiny. Create success, love and happiness, all that is truly your very own destiny

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Create your own Destiny

Alchemy is a term for the process of change and transmutation from base metals into gold. Spiritual alchemy in a similar way means transformation of the individual on all levels, body mind and spirit. The alchemical process of spiritual transformation begins with the conscious intent to connect and trust the ‘inner guidance' our subconscious and super-conscious self.

 Part of your process for spiritual transformation is to understand that you can co-create your life purpose and future destiny.  You become the co-creator to manifest your future through the metaphysical understanding that your thoughts and the emotions begin the process of creating your destiny.

The path to manifesting a reality is by your conscious intent, and the feeling behind it. Trust in your creative super-conscious self and universal consciousness guide you in process of conscious intent. The conscious intent with the feeling and emotions of its reality become the catalyst for creating your destiny. Whatever you desire relationships, health and spiritual growth. But, to manifest any major change in your life you must become aware of any negative, or any limiting programs still held in your subconscious mind.

 Part of the conscious aspect of spiritual growth is the awareness that previously have co- created many limiting programs in our life, and this can limit what we want to manifest in the physical until these old limiting patterns are released. Unhealthy or limiting programs can stem from negative messages from parents, siblings, educational programs or from significant individuals who have impacted on us emotionally in our lives.

Do I need to be in deep trance to achieve this state?

 For most light trance is sufficient, the main objective is that you are in a focused relaxed state and you are not disturbed while exploring this process.

Is the process for creating my future destiny a difficult process?

It can be a simple process, and very rewarding. But you need to be clear about what you desire and focus on this reality with trust and focused emotion and intent. To allow your super-conscious self to guide you through your inner screen or feeling /sensing abilities. The challenge is to ‘trust' those feelings and perceptions coming through this intuitive channel. If you are able to bypass your conscious thinking and allow the process to flow.  The difficulty for many of us is that we are all very tempted to analyse what we perceive intuitively. It is important vital that you try to follow the guided imagery without the normal analysis from the conscious mind. The easy part in a sense is if you accept and follow this intuitive flow it can become effortless. Try to be very clear with your intent and imagery and believe in your creative process and intuition.

How will the Inner Alchemy series help me create my own destiny?

Inner Alchemy was designed as a simple ‘intuitive' tool to guide you in your inner process and create a doorway to your super-conscious higher self. It is a simple guide for your inner process and will to begin changing your perceptions of your reality to a broader more unlimited mandate. It assists you to release old limiting programs and by replacing these with programs that enable you to create what you truly desire to be your destiny.

 * The vocal imagery offers you a psychic and intuitive   ‘tool' and a simple process to assist you with creating your destiny.

*The positive affirmations, to replace old, limiting and negative programs and emotions.

* The beautiful healing music frequencies will sooth and relax the soul and help your super-conscious create your future.

* The latest technology to assist you in accessing the relaxed ‘trance state.”  Binaural frequencies, to bring your left and right brain into harmony and balance.

The creative imagery, gentle healing music, subliminal affirmations and trance inducing frequencies is your “intuitive tool' the guide to assist your inner journey. The process will assist you to raise your energetic frequencies, release old limiting energetic and subconscious blocks to create a new program for you to create the reality and destiny you desire.


Copyright Mary Rodwell 2008

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