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Alchemy is a term for the process of change and transmutation from base metals into gold. Spiritual alchemy in a similar way means transformation of the individual on all levels, body mind and spirit. The alchemical process of spiritual transformation begins with the conscious intent to connect and trust the ‘inner guidance' to connect more consciously with our subconscious and super-conscious self. Throughout our lives we will accept subconsciously from our world and those around us limiting blocks, and fears, some of them are held deeply within energetic systems, and our sub-conscious. To change and transform ourselves, we need to remove such limitations, release and cleanse. Spiritual Detox, is a holistic cleansing, the releasing of the old unhelpful, limiting programs, held within our energetic systems, to allow for new positive programs, healing and spiritual growth.

How can Detox help my inner journey of change and transformation?

Every individual has absorbed limiting blocks, and fears throughout our lives. T Some are held deeply within our energetic systems, and our sub-conscious. Some of the unhelpful reality programs stem from what we have experienced and taught as a small child. Some of these messages and feelings originate from our mother in pregnancy. In utero, we are closely connected energetically and psychically to our biological mother, so will be affected by her emotions and feelings. If she was unhappy in pregnancy for example it will have impacted on us. Later this information will originate from our family and society.

Is there scientific evidence to support this information?

The latest scientific research into epigenics, which is stem cell research. Dr Bruce Lipton, author (The Biology of Belief) demonstrated that although our DNA determines our physical makeup, such as height and skin colour. Each individual cell, minus its DNA input, is intelligent, and reacts to its environment, called our subconscious mind. The cell accepts and perceives its reality from the verbal programs and the environment it is placed.

When does our subconscious programming begin?

The reality programs begin in utero and continue unmonitored by the conscious mind until six years old. The subconscious accepts all information, uncritically even if these messages are inaccurate or untrue. If you are told that “You are stupid' for example, if you are six or under, this will become your belief and reality. After the age of six the conscious mind begins to edit information and reject what it does not agree with. But until that cut off, information from the outside world and ourselves becomes the hard drive for our unique reality and what we believe. Unhealthy, or not it becomes the reality we operate from, even if consciously we no longer would accept it as true, subconsciously it will remain one of our limiting programs and we will still operate from that belief.

What can we do about inaccurate information in our subconscious?

A desire to release old unhelpful or limiting programs is facilitated by your conscious ‘intent' to expand your multidimensional abilities, such as your spiritual and psychic awareness. Which is the desire to release old fears and limiting blocks to allow an expansion of the spirit with the spiritual Detox. It is a similar process to all inner journeys, but with your intent assisted by creative imagery, facilitates the pathway or door to this process of release, cleansing and expansion.

What do you mean by conscious intent?

It is important that before you begin you relay to your subconscious or unconscious higher knowing what you desire from this process. This means that this ‘inner wisdom' can then create the best doorway or pathway for your inner journey.

What can you release through the alchemical Detox process?

* Old limiting patterns from childhood

* Energetic, painful emotional trauma's

* Explore and recognise the ‘origins' of personal blocks or limitations

*Release old patterns from past lives for healing.

* Discover the origins of issues either from physical, emotional and psychological traumas to release and heal.

* Greater understanding of the purpose of energetic blocks and limitations in terms of personal growth.

Is the process difficult?

It is an easy process if you allow your super-conscious self to show you through your inner screen or feeling /sensing abilities. The challenge is to ‘trust' the instant information coming through this intuitive channel. If you are able to bypass your conscious thinking and honour the information being made available to you, you will be surprised how it will flow. The difficulty for many of us is that we are all very tempted to analyse information that comes through in this way. So it is vital that this information is accepted as it is received without the normal analysis from the conscious mind. The easy part in the sense that this information comes in spontaneously, without effort.

Do I need to be in deep trance to Detox?

For most individuals light trance is sufficient to achieve the release and cleansing you require. The main point is that you are in a focused relaxed state and where you are not disturbed while exploring this deep process.

How do I replace old unhealthy patterns and blocks with true positive information about what I wish to accept and believe about myself for growth and expansion?

The alchemy series incorporates positive subliminal affirmations and in a relaxed state you can also make up your own statements you wish your subconscious mind to accept as your new reality.

How will the Inner Alchemy series help me Detox and heal?

Inner Alchemy was designed as a simple ‘intuitive' tool to guide you in your inner process to create a doorway to your super-conscious higher self and offers you a simple guiding process to begin releasing old limitations, and facilitating a cleansing of mind, body and spirit.

* The vocal imagery offers you a psychic and intuitive ‘tool' and simple process to achieve the release of old patterns, renewal and healing.

*The positive affirmations, to replace old, limiting and negative programs.

* The beautiful healing music frequencies, will sooth and relax the soul.

* The latest technology to assist you in accessing the relaxed ‘trance state.” Binaural frequencies, to bring into balance your left and right brain.

The creative imagery, gentle healing music, subliminal affirmations and trance inducing frequencies is your “intuitive tool' to guide and assist your inner journey explore and release your limiting unhelpful physical and energetic blocks. It will support your inner process and transformative journey as you gradually learn to ‘trust' this process and the understanding it can offer. Recognise its integrity and truth through your own inner resonance.

Copyright Mary Rodwell 2008


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