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Connect to you body's own healing system. Learn to heal yourself and others. Take control of your health, for a more fulfilled and loving life.

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The metaphysical and holistic approach to health and healing.

The Inner healer is designed as a key and facilitator for your mind /body connection to create a process in which you become your own healer. Science can demonstrate how our physical body is directly linked to thought, and feelings. And how powerful the mind and belief have a strong effect on how we function both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Our beliefs come from many sources, and are not always totally accurate. In today's western society most of us are programmed to believe that the only way we can heal is through taking certain medications. Although, some medications are necessary for serious medical conditions, often we do not give our mind, and body the opportunity or time it requires to heal us before we resort to pills and potions.

Doctors, nurses or surgeons do not heal you, your body does. Although a surgeon may take out an infected appendix, it is your body that makes you well. Nature has designed our body to have an effective and powerful program for healing, if only we can learn to support and trust it.

How do we support our mind/body to heal?

Science shows us that good nutrition and exercise are important. The biological vehicle has to be nourished properly and kept in shape. But what is not fully acknowledged is that our state of mind has a huge impact on our health and also how we heal and recover. People who do recover even from serious and terminal illnesses have been shown to demonstrate positive attitudes and beliefs in their body/mind ability to heal.

We know that what we believe is a powerful and creates how we perceive our world and reality. Placebos (drugs with no chemical value) can be taken can produce healing purely because the mind believes they will work. This belief encourages the mind/ body to produce what it needs to facilitate the healing process. This belief is vital because when we are unwell we can feel helpless and out of control. The feeling of helplessness and fear suppresses the immune system. This can limit, delay or shut down healing.

So how can we counteract such a detrimental mind/body reactions?

The belief in our body/minds natural resources to heal immediately sends powerful messages to our biological system which supports our immune systems. Belief with subliminal positive affirmations /messages are powerful frequencies and encourages the body to produce what it needs for its healing program. Our thoughts and beliefs are powerful aids the body/mind, so that it can be at its most efficient. What person knows you better than yourself? Therefore what person knows best what you need, YOU DO!

So with the positive thinking coupled with creative thought and a belief in your own natural healing abilities you can create the conditions for healing and optimize the body's healing powers. Pleasant or positive thinking is demonstrated in how the body reacts to laughter. Science has shown that laughter actually raises the T-cells in the body which fight disease and is a wonderful aid to healing.

The Inner healer program works holistically with you on multiple levels and shows you how to use YOUR MIND body connection to create the best conditions for healing of mind, body and spirit.

“The more serious the illness, the more important it is for you to fight back. You've got to mobilize all your resources, spiritual emotional, intellectual and physical, your heaviest artillery will be your will to live “

Head first the biology of Hope. Norman Cousins 1989 Dutton publishers

The Biology of Belief DR Bruce Lipton PhD. Elite Books

Inner Alchemy has been designed to make the relaxation process easy and pleasant for both the beginner as well as those more practiced.

The vocal tone and gentle nature of the creative imagery is designed for you to feel safe and confident, as the guided visualization facilitates a journey into the inner realms of your subconscious mind. It allows you the opportunity to go as far as you wish, always feeling in control, but also encouraging self awareness and deeper understanding.

The music is designed to complement this journey; it is never intrusive but will assist you in creating your inner world.

The powerful subliminal affirmations/suggestions are designed to re-program your subconscious to release and re-program unhealthy negative messages and replace them with positive empowering ones.

This means that the process is working on a multilevel basis throughout the process with your conscious and unconscious mind.

The added trance inducing frequencies also facilitate an easy transition into altered trance state to further encourage easy relaxation.

This combined with bi-aural beats creates a balance of both left and right hemispheres of the brain, for greater receptiveness in creativity and inspiration but also greater clarity of mind and focus.

With the expertise in hypnosis, and healing techniques Mary Rodwell is practiced in guiding the inner journey and David Sandercock musical and creative talent in composition and frequencies mean that this creates a powerful package to take you beyond your normal process to the healing and expansive creativity in your own mind.

Hypnotic meditations ~ Stunning Music ~ Trance Inducing Frequencies ~ Powerfull Subliminals