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Exploring Past Lives

Alchemy is a term for the process of change and transmutation from base metals into gold. Spiritual alchemy in a similar way means transformation of the individual on all levels. The alchemical process of spiritual transformation begins with the conscious intent to connect and trust the ‘inner guidance' to connect more consciously with our subconscious and super-conscious self to recall past lives.

The exploration of past lives is facilitated by your conscious ‘intent' to explore different time lines. It is a similar process to all inner journeys, but with this your intent with creative imagery will facilitate the pathway or door to this inner knowledge of your previous lives.

What do you mean by conscious intent?

It is important that before you begin you relay to your subconscious or unconscious higher knowing what you wish to understand and explore. This means that this ‘inner wisdom' can then create the best doorway or pathway for your inner journey.

What will I gain from exploring past lives?

Your motivation for exploring past lives will also be the focus for what you will achieve or gain from the exploration, depending whether it is an explanation for some present life issue or just curiosity.

What can you explore in Past Lives?

* The possibility that your parents, family, siblings, or partner have been with you in other lifetimes.

* Discover a deeper sense of yourself and motivations or skills that you have in this present life.

* Explore emotional issues or health problems or particular issue or phobia's that you can't reconcile to your present life, to find the ‘origin' of the problem.

*Release old patterns from past lives for healing.

* Discover if you have been physical and incarnated on other planets.

* Greater understanding of why you are particularly drawn to certain places on the planet or absorbed in certain historical events.

*Explore ‘other' lives for greater spiritual awareness and understanding.

Is the process difficult?

It can be extremely easy to access the information, as it can be available instantly to your inner screen or feeling /sensing abilities. The challenge is to ‘trust' the instant information coming through this intuitive channel. If you are able to bypass your conscious thinking and honour the information being made available to you, you will be surprised how it will flow. The difficulty for many of us is that we are all very tempted to analyse immediately any information that comes through in this way. So it is vital that this information is accepted as it is received without the normal analysis from the conscious mind. The easy part in the sense that this information comes in spontaneously, without effort.

Do I need to be in deep trance to access this information?

Only twenty percent of individuals are able to go into the somnambulistic state, deep trance easily. But you do not need to be in a deep trance to access this information. The main point is that you are in a focused relaxed state and where you are not able to be disturbed while exploring this process.

Will I consciously recall all the details of the images sense or feelings that come to me in this state?

You can put intent or message to your subconscious, that you wish to recall the important or all information in the process will be made available to your conscious mind. It is helpful to have a pad and pencil by your couch or bed so that when the process is over you can also jot down any significant information. You may even like to try using an audio recorder and record what you perceive when in an altered state. If you wish to record this make sure you also make a point of saying to your subconscious that no matter how relaxed you get your voice will always be clear. Those who become deeply hypnotised often speak very quietly because of the relaxed state.

How do I know it's not my imagination?

This is a common and very understandable question because the process can often seem too easy, that we think it must be our imagination. But, information that comes from this inner source will appear and be available to the inner screen instantly, which precludes your creativity and the content can often be what you don't expect or would imagine so it is a real surprise to you. The integrity of the information may evoke spontaneous emotions, or an immediate deep resonance within you, perhaps an energy surge in your body or a feeling of ‘goose bumps' for example. It will just ‘feel' right, even though sometimes it may well challenge your conscious mind at the same time.

Why is the relaxed state so important?

When we are in a relaxed state we can more easily bypass our active conscious mind and become more open and receptive to what our inner awareness wants to convey to us. Guided imagery helps to focus the normally 'busy' conscious mind that can distract us from the intuitive connection we wish to make.

How does the Inner Alchemy series help me explore my past lives?

Inner Alchemy was designed as a simple ‘intuitive' tool to guide you in your inner process to create a doorway to your super-conscious higher self and your past life recall.

* The vocal imagery offers you a psychic and intuitive ‘tool' and simple process to achieve a conscious connection to your past lives.

*The positive affirmations, replace old negative programs.

* The beautiful healing music frequencies, will sooth and relax the soul.

* The latest technology to assist you in accessing the relaxed ‘trance state.” Binaural frequencies, to bring into balance your left and right brain.

The creative imagery, gentle healing music, subliminal affirmations and trance inducing frequencies is your “intuitive tool' to guide and assist your inner journey to connect with your past lives. It will support your inner process and transformative journey as you gradually learn to ‘trust' this process and the understanding your recall of past lives can offer. Recognise its integrity and truth through your own inner resonance.

Copyright Mary Rodwell 2008


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