The Science Behind New Mind Records

Below you will find a list of articles explain the science of New Mind Records. You will find them both informative, entertaining and fascinating. These will explain how the science of music, sound and meditation can be used to heal and expand ones consciousness.


Inner Alchemy Introduction, by Mary Rodwell RN
Inner Alchemy Subliminals , by Mary Rodwell RN copyright NewMindRecords
Take Ten Subliminals , by Mary Rodwell RN copyright NewMindRecords
Tibetan Sound Levitation, by Bruce Cathie. This article demonstrates the enormous potentiality of sound
The Cosmic Internet by Grazyna Fosar & Franz Bludor. This book review gives an insight to the power of thought.
The Biological Chip In Our Cells, by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf. This article explains cell communication at a DNA level
Russian DNA Discoveries, by Baerbell. This interesting article explains the science behind paranormal events, abilities and ESP
Deciphering The Genome, by Bruce Lipton. This article look at the wonders inside our DNA
The Power Of Harmonics, by Tomas Hightower. This fascinating article demonstrates the power of music to tune the human body
An Interview with Joseph Pearce, by Chris Mercogliano and Kim Debus. This interview discusses's the location of consciousness and the body.
The Human Genome Project, by Bruce Lipton. A remarkable article about the incredible genome.