Inner Alchemy is a series of creative visualizations, which contain subliminal frequencies, music and hypno/suggestion, and are specially designed to offer you the tools to assist you to create an alchemical process of change and transformation.

They will help you to connect with the power within and transmute through your own alchemical process, death of old patterns to rebirth of wholeness within your mind, body and spirit.

Alchemical wisdom, is the mystical art of transformation, or transmutation.

of consciousness or soul. In metallurgicalterms it was when base metals were converted or changed into gold. In terms of human consciousness, it means a change into a super conscious state.

The alchemists based their study primarily on direct personal revelation through visions and dreams .many believe alchemy is essentially a euphemism for the sacred service of co-creation Spiritual and physical transformation..The alchemical process similar to taoist meditation..the chi of the universal life force, created and purifiedby the body.

Carl Jung the famous Swiss psychiatrist, who founded analytical psychology, was fascinated by Alchemy because he saw it as the process of becoming whole. And as he believed, the alchemical systems of both East and West dealt with the transformation of the soul. A spiritual process of redemption involving the union and transformation of lumien delithe light of Godhead, as in the death and rebirth of substances

So it meant Alchemists transmuted their own consciousness into a higher state through symbolic death and rebirth. Thus in its highest mystical sense Alchemy represents the transformation of consciousnessto love the union of male female opposites physicality and spirituality.joined into a whole.

To become the alchemist, and create the changes you desire we have created this program.

It is a simple, but effective way to access the power of your mind and body. And you become the Alchemist by using your own thoughts to create the conditions for change and transformation . 

We are told we are what we eat, but more than this, we are what we think.

Your mind is a powerful biological computer and the messages you give yourself or accept from others, become the programs you operate from. Many of these messages are unhelpful or inaccurate negative messages that create the in-balances within your mind and body.

Powerful and effective, Inner Alchemy is the way you can help create new transformative messages to connect you with the body mind and spirit within yourself.

This specially created program, incorporates words, music and subliminal frequencies to assist you. These are relaxing frequencies that will attune your mind to be more receptive to the messages you wish to create.

You can

•  Re-program unhealthy messages the mind talk' which may be the reason YOUR body or mind is out of balance.

•  Learn to recognizeany of your own unhelpful programs.

•  CREATE a new positive healthy and transformative program to create change within.

Inner Alchemy offers you a simple and effective process for you to be in control of your own destiny, to create what you desire for yourself.

How does this work?

Because relaxation of mind and body actually changes the mind frequencies, and allows positive messages and suggestions a more direct line to reach your subconscious. Without this the conscious mind can reject messages or suggestions even though these messages can be beneficial.

The subconscious state accepts new programs without your analytical conscious mind limiting you.

So to bypass the conscious mind and allow access to your subconscious we have created the optimum conditions, relaxing you to a point of light trance, known as the alpha state.

We reach alpha trance states everyday, when we watch television or listen to pleasant music. This CD has a combination of vocal suggestions, specially created music with subliminal frequencies to make it easier for you to be the most receptive to these messages.

In this pleasant and relaxing way you can make amazing differences to how you feel. It is painless, fun and afterwards you will be surprised at how much better you will feel.

The new messages to your mind intelligence, will encourage healthier frequencies which can powerfully affect not only your emotional, physical body, but you may find you gain clarity, with expanded mental awareness, and a calm more peaceful spirit.

This CD with its unique combination of words, music and subliminal frequencies, provides you with the tools' you need for you create a new transformed you. Now are you ready to begin making those changes?