Take Ten
10 Minute Meditations for Busy People

Subliminal Messages

Below is the complete list of subliminal messages that are embedded in the Take Ten range of Cds.

Optimum Health

I forgive myself
I love all that I am
I am unique and special
I am full of life
I give my body and mind permission to heal
My body heals itself easily and automatically
My body and mind is a wise healer
I am at peace with the world
I am full of love
My immune system is strong


I am healthy
I heal myself
I forgive
I forgive others
I love those around me
I am a good person
I am free
My body regenerates easily and automatically
I am whole
I am in harmony


I am at peace
I am in harmony with the universe
I love myself
Life is full of wonder
I am free
I am always calm
I breathe easily
I feel peaceful
I relax easily and automatically
I love myself

Nature Retreats

I love myself
I am relaxed
I am centered
Everyday in everyway I feel better and better
I am peaceful
I am full of energy
I am full of life
I am balanced
I receive energy and nourishment from nature
I embrace life fully

Quick getaways

I am relaxed
I am replenished
I am peaceful
I love myself
I feel good
I enjoy everything I do
I am full of life and energy
I am revitalized
I have fun and enjoy myself always
I am well rested

Nurture your Spirit

I am relaxed
I am at peace with myself
I am a spirit of infinite possibilities
I am a whole and perfect being
I embrace life fully
I am love
I am in touch with my soul
I am connected with spirit
My heart is full of love
I am compassion

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