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The Inner Alchemy series of CD's are exceptional. The music is really good, and complements the text really well. I found the Cds' are full of surprises. Just when you feel that the main thrust has been followed, you come up with unexpected twists that make the process special. The surprises for me were, Power animal, Yin and Yang, Inner Healer and Inner child, I loved them.

DR Mark Naim Physician /Surgeon NSW

M.B.Ch.B. F.R.A.C.G.P. General Practice and Integrative Medicine.

These meditations are a marvelous technique for achieving deep relaxation and building positive self esteem. Mary's voice is particularly suited to guiding the listener on their inner journey, creating a calm and soothing atmosphere. I wholeheartedly recommend these journeys to anyone wishing to embark on the path of self-discovery and spirituality.

Sharon Jones Registered Psychologist

B. Psych., Dip.Ed., Dip Transpersonal Art Therapy

I have listened to the C.D.s. They excellent on all levels. Your tone of voice ( most important) and volume is exactly correct for the listening ear. The words are simple in an everyday language. You do not talk down to the listener.( most important)  You give calm guidance as well options to the listening ear.  Allowing them their own journey into their own world. They can not get" lost" or feel threaten, but feel secure with the sound of your voice.  

I also adore the music.  Your friend David is certainly gifted and exactly correct for your voice. What a team.  I am so excited about all these CDsThey are going to bring some amazing results everywhere.They emanate something even just looking at them. I love the whole packaged presentation. The colors, the design, the style of the printing.  Everything is perfect. Sorry to be telling you everything you already know. I am just so enthused for some reason. I just can't wait to give these to those in need who will benefit greatly. I am sure they will want to obtain more.

Name: Carol

Connecting to the Wise You. What a journey. The musical score is divine – a mixture of entrancing melodies that truly do take you on a journey so pure and captivating. Personally, I was taken to place of total unconditional love and given a life changing gift. I know my aura (which I happily keep well tuned) is, as I write – so expanded and pulsating, vibrant and electrified with beautiful energy. A stunning meditation.

I can easily recommend this CD to any and all of you, who want to find that inner wisdom to guide you and present you with your own special gift. I know I did!

The Gipplsand Horizon; Review; editor Andy Hearn

"We at Lobelia's Lair, have found the Inner Alchemy series to be our best seller
in meditation cd's.  Our clients keep coming back to purchase more of the series after experiencing success with their meditations. There is a great variety of themes and the music is tranquil.  The presentation and packaging for merchandising is striking." 
I will be in touch in the early spring to place another order. 
Thank you and all the best!
Eileen: Canada

INNER ALCHEMY: Guided meditation CDs for the New Millennium New Mind
Records, total running time for each CD approximately 1 hour.

This series of ten CDs, three of which are reviewed here, present a
bright range of guided meditations that will help you the listener
connect with and use the different parts of your being. The speaker on
the journey is Mary Rodwell, R. N. who is an experienced counselor and
hypnotherapy.She is also the Principal of ACERN (Australian Close
Encounter Research Network). The background music is composed and
performed by David Sandercock, B.Mus. (Hons.). L Mus.

The initial visual presentation of the media package is very colorful
and professional with explanations of the content along with a few
disclaimers and several well-credited testimonials. These meditations
make use of the latest audio technology with subliminal messages,
trance-inducing frequencies and binaural beat technology. The audio
content is straightforward, with Mary's very pleasant voice helping to
create a deeply relaxed state. The music is superb, never overwhelming,
and the purity enhances the relaxed state. As with all such products the
experience is enhanced by using headphones or earphones.

Connecting to the Inner Healer - 59 mins.  This meditation will help you
contact your inner healer to help the body heal itself. Ms Rodwell uses
sound psychological principles in her guidance to aid your
visualization. There is no overt reference to any particular spiritual
or healing path and what visualizations you produce will be your own.
The music on this recording was subtle in its perfection and Mary's
calm, measured voice is gentle and reassuring. At no time does the
exquisite music intrude into the commentary. Instead, it takes its place
as an elemental aid to the overall experience. I am not a good
meditate being fidgety, but I found myself becoming calm and enjoying
the experience. Afterward I felt totally relaxed and, as a thoroughly
welcome surprise, some of my more annoying chronic pain felt much better
for some time. I would suggest that if used often, this meditation could
bring about long-lasting changes.

Connecting to the Wise You - 55 mins.  We all have a wise part of our
being, but unfortunately it is sometimes hard to access! This meditation
will give you the chance to access that higher self, or the
Super-Conscious self. The first track of the CD gives a general
introduction to the whole Inner Alchemy set, and the voice is slightly
echoing; probably to set the mood for the rest of the session. However,
once the meditation gets underway, Ms Rodwell's reassuring voice guides
you to the place in which you can create your own alchemy for the
changes you want in your life. I found I could hear the binaural beats
in this recording. This was slightly distracting until I consciously
blocked it out. Once again the music was delightful. It was a little
more intrusive in this recording, but with a crisp sound and luscious

Connecting to your Spirit Guides - 51 mins.  This recording, of the
three, is the most concerned with the spiritual realm and how to access
helpers in that realm. I was a little apprehensive about this. I should
not have been concerned as the meditation followed similar lines to the
others. In the deeply relaxed state it is easy to encourage the
transformation or alchemy in your own being with help of your gifted
helpers and guides. I was so relaxed in my first try that I fell asleep,
so I listened again the next day and found it very rewarding and
affirming. This is probably the most detailed visualization of these
three CDs. The feeling level is high and the listener is taken to a
place of utter safety, unconditional love and nurturing. You will be
able to access the loving energy of whatever you call your guides. It
may be an angel, a guide or your higher self. The music on this
recording is particularly beautiful and there are gentle ambient sounds
that fit in perfectly.

I found these guided meditation CDs a refreshing change from the usual
run of products in this area. Please avoid cheap imitations of these
processes that sell on certain auction sites. Inner Alchemy is a
professional product that makes correct use of modern audio technology,
psychological and counseling principles. In particular, the binaural
beat will entrain your brainwave activity to a much higher level of
function. I feel sure that listeners will feel alert, with higher
energy, but calmer in the mind after listening to any of these three CDs
on a regular basis. I will certainly be using them.

New Dawn Magazine Review; Jennifer

Hi David

just to let you know it wont be long before i need more stock!!  They are flying out and the feedback is brilliant- am even getting text messages to my phone from customers-one comment was that it was the best 56 minutes he had spent in ages-from a psychology graduate.  Another came in with his girlfriend who has been carrying a notebook to write down all the things he is coming out with as he has just opened up so much.
Best wishes
Pegasus Pathways UK

These guided meditation CDs work with the deepest levels of your brain and soul, using a process that involves binaural beats, guided voice, beautiful music, subliminal messages, trance-inducing frequencies and creative visualization. Mary Rodwell, a West Australian counselor, nurse and guide, uses various hypnotic and trance techniques to allow you to access your inner alchemical processors.

Nexus Magazine: Review

The Inner Alchemy series of meditation Cd's are based on the metaphysical understanding of  alchemy,  which is the transmutation of base metals into gold, but in its highest form means the alchemy of inner  transformation.  Inner Alchemy Cds provide a  unique 'tool ' which can facilitate this inner process, and assist you to create a doorway to your 'intuitive ' super nature and  higher wisdom.
The Cds are a combination of 'intuitively guided" creative visualizations,  trance inducing frequencies, evocative music and subliminal positive affirmations, which will help you to remove old limiting patterns of thought.

 Each individual Cd has a particular 'intent' or focus  which will help you to connect with your higher awareness and the understanding you desire. These Cds are created as 'tools ' of potential for this inner growth, and transformation.
Inner Alchemy awakens our super conscious nature.


Hello Mary,
I have recently purchased several of your Inner Alchemy Cds and I am very impressed with both the quality and content.  Your voice is very soothing.

Peace, Love 'n' Light,

I just finished experiencing Nurture Your Spirit. BRILLIANT BRILLIANT BRILLIANT!!!!!
I must admit that I loved Inner Alchemy so much that I wondered if Take Ten could match it. 
  Well Take Ten has certainly matched it.  I couldn't make it thru the Mother Earth section as I was so excited by what I had heard in the previous selections.  I had to jump up and write this to you. I will look forward to experiencing Mother Earth this evening in bed.  I can't wait to experience Optimum Health - I just know it is going to not just start the new year off with a healthy goal but maintain my desire to have a healthier life style. Soul Flight is almost exactly what I experienced in my out of body experience in the hospital - my God how wonderful!

Lisa Rice. Canada

I found these Cds amazing. They have definitely made me more aware of my psychic abilities and expanded my mind. I have used other cds before, but nothing compares to these. Thank you Inner Alchemy.

Lyn Taylor

Alternative healer, reiki master

I really enjoyed exploring my past life. I had a profound experience whilst listening to that Cd. A doorway opened up for me, and everything now in my life makes sense. Cant wait to try them all.

Roger Hamilton

Business Owner

I love listening to the inner peace CD. My life had been quite stressful and I am so glad I have found your product. I now feel more calm and at peace, and ready to tackle things effortlessly.

Jenny Daniels


I found the chakra activator very powerful. I could actually feel my chakras open up and start to activate. I feel now more energized and in control of my health. Thank you for such a great product.

Toby Hartley

Thank you for such a wonderful gift. I have suffered from very poor health, with a number of major medical illness. I started listening to you Inner Healer cd last week, and I am feeling better now every day. It really works. Thank you for helping me to cleanse my mind and body.


Kathryn Brown

Wow, I actually met my spirit guides with your cds. What an amazing and loving experience. You have opened up a whole new world for me. Thank you for helping me to connect with my angles.

Tania Hill

Last night I did a meditation with your cd, Anyhow this is what happened,
I started crying when I thought about all that has happened to me, and I really let it all out, The cd was called letting go of fear. I then saw two balls of light floating around my room, As if to say you wanted proof now you have it. I then felt a strong feeling of love real strong love and I have felt so calm ever since
I did ask for help in dealing with it all

Love and light
Michael Rutherford UK

The CD that we LOVE is Take 10. Absolutely fantastic, I really WAS at the beach, and in the forest, and under the stars......  :-)  Maybe you can make one for being IN A CROP CIRCLE ????
Much LOVE, as always, Janet XXXXX