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Connecting to the WISE YOU

Alchemy is a term for the process of change and transmutation from base metals into gold. Spiritual alchemy in a similar way means transformation of the individual on all levels. The alchemical process of spiritual transformation begins with the conscious intent to connect and trust the ‘inner wisdom.' Often referred to as the

Higher self, ‘inner knowing', some call a ‘gut' feeling, which goes beyond conscious thought.

This ‘inner wisdom' can present itself to the individual in many ways, and can spontaneously become an instant intuitive ‘knowing' without any conscious effort. You can experience this for example, when someone close to you is in need of support or advice. You find that you may instantly respond with insightful information that can be so appropriate that even you is surprised, perhaps wondering to yourself “where did that come from?” This inner wisdom can also present as a special feeling, which is an ‘energetic/physical' response, which just ‘feels' right to you.

Can we consciously connect to this ‘inner wisdom'?

Yes, you can, if you have a conscious ‘intent' to do so. You can connect to ‘the wise part you' by creating a psychic doorway or window into your higher knowing. This is facilitated when you are in a relaxed and open state of being. Guided imagery and openness to the feeing/sensing information can help you to connect to this higher wisdom.

Why is a relaxed state important?

When we are in a relaxed state we can more easily bypass our active conscious mind and become more open and receptive to our “inner wisdom” the intuitive subconscious/super-conscious ‘wise self.'

How will creative imagery and my sensing, feeling self help this process?

The ‘wise part of you' can use this creative imagery, if you have an active ‘inner vision.' But, there are many ways your ‘inner wisdom' can become available to you such as your sensing and feeling self can also convey this ‘intuitive' information to you so that you can interpret it from this ability.

Why is vocal imagery so helpful?

Vocal imagery helps to focus the normally ‘busy' conscious mind which can distract us from the intuitive information. We can then be more aware of the ‘intuitive connection' and information that will be conveyed instantly to you through this process, without being altered and analysed by conscious thought. This “instant information” will then have ‘integrity' and clarity as it flows from this ‘higher source', when not influenced by the conscious mind.

How do I know when I am accessing my inner wisdom?

The challenge is that our higher self requires us to ‘trust' the instant information coming through this intuitive channel. It is both easy and difficult to do this as we are all very tempted to analyse immediately any information that comes in this way. So it is vital that this information is accepted as it is received without the normal analysis from the conscious mind. It is easy in the sense that this information comes in spontaneously, without effort.

How do I know it's not my imagination?

Simply put, the information which comes from this ‘higher source' will be made available to you instantly, without conscious thought. And it will evoke an immediate deep resonance within you, perhaps an energy surge in your body or a feeling of ‘goose bumps' for example. It will just ‘feel' right, even though sometimes it may well challenge your conscious mind at the same time.

Although some may believe that to access this ‘wise part' is difficult. It is because for many people they have been led to believe this knowledge and wisdom can only come from outside sources. They have lost the ability to ‘trust' in themselves and the essential truth that we are all connected to our ‘soul self'. And the soul self is always available to guide us on our human journey as long as we are prepared to ‘trust' it and listen.

How does the Inner Alchemy series, connecting to the Wise You, help you to access your ‘Inner Wisdom'?

The Inner Alchemy series was designed to create a simple ‘intuitive' process to create a doorway to your super-conscious higher self. It is a specially designed program which combines, a four tiered creative process to access your wise self.

* The vocal imagery offers the super-conscious mind a process and intuitive ‘tool' so that you can be your own guide and guru to achieve a conscious connection to your wise self.

*The positive affirmations, will replace old negative programs.

* The beautiful healing music frequencies, will sooth and relax the spirit.

* The latest technology to assist you in accessing the relaxed ‘trance state.” Binaural frequencies, to bring into balance your left and right brain.


The specially designed creative imagery, gentle healing music, subliminal affirmations and trance inducing frequencies is an intuitive tool that will assist and guide your inner journey. Connect to your “higher wisdom” and support your transformative journey as you gradually learn to ‘trust' this process and the wisdom coming from your higher self. Recognise its integrity and truth through the support of your own inner resonance.

Copyright Mary Rodwell 2008


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